We Are Startup Astronauts

Education is so important in our life and matters for economic development. That's why developed countries focus on education more than developing countries. Whereas Industry 4.0 is about to affect almost areas in manufactoring and administration. We aims to become Vietnam's leading Education 4.0 provider in next 5 years.

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Incredibly Fast

We provide high performance applications to help users solve their problem in the fastest way.

Easy and Reliable

We focus on users experience. Even low tech users do not feel difficult to use our products.


Our products are built to solve generic problems. We hope to build a better education quality.

Vision and Mission

XBOT creates an ecosystem that links educational objects including parents and society by introducing creative solutions to solve remaining educational problems, the need for understanding and companion to their children who are in the age of early childhood and primary schools. Furthermore, from our existing customer, XBOT also provides another ecosystem, focusing on human's diet such as nutrition, health, weight control, etc.

Core Values

  • Focus on the user and all else will follow - Customer Commitment
  • What we do, we do well - Quality
  • We are always honest - Integrity
  • Employees share the company‚Äôs vision and passion - Leadership
  • A will to win - Entrepreneurial spirit


Services that Surpass Needs

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous Improvement

Quality of Employees

Shareholder Expectations

Happy Clients

Our first product released in September 2018, until now we are growing from nothing to thousands of users.

Furthermore, we believe that we can achieve 100 thousand users in the next 2 years.